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The SIRGAS mail exploder informs the SIRGAS community through e-mail about events related to the SIRGAS-CON network, for instance: station configuration changes, tracking problems, data inconsistencies, upcoming meetings, new solutions, etc.

Using SIR-Mail
- To post a message to all the list members, send an e-mail to
- If you are NOT a member of this list, your posts will be moderated by the list administrator.
- If you are a member of this list, your posts will be sent immediately.
- Please use plain text format (do not use HTML format).
- For security reasons, attachments will be discarded from the mail before distribution.
- The subject field in the mail header has to be non-blank (it has to be filled out!).
- For e-mails related to a specific station, please use a subject field starting with the 4-char abbreviation of the corresponding station.
- Each mail message will be preceded by a numbered header, thus each distributed mail can later be referenced using the automatically assigned mail number.
- Messages sent to the SIR-Mail mailing list are archived in a FTP server and are publicly available without restrictions.
- The data included in these messages are used only for the purposes of SIRGAS communications and announcements.
- Please avoid the use of personal data in your messages. If you provide information of contact at the end of your messages, please use your business contact information.
- By sending a message to you are consenting the archiving and publicly availability of the contents of your message.

Subscribing to SIR-Mail
To join or to unsubscribe the SIR-Mail mailing list send an e-mail to Laura Sánchez.

Archive of SIR-Mail
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the archive of SIR-Mail.

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